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Testimony of the spade

Testimony of the spade
Testimony of the spade skrivs på engelska av en svensk arkeolog och osteolog, Magnus Reuterdahl. Bloggen handlar mestadels om arkeologi, kulturmiljövård, runologi, osteologi m.m. Mestadels rör bloggen de fornlämningar jag besöker, böcker och artiklar jag för tillfället läser eller om det jag jobbar med.
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A visit to Hästholmen a villa forensis in Östergötland, Sweden
2015-11-04 04:40:00
I’ve been lazy when it comes to archaeology blogging lately, partly due to lots and lots of work. The other day I was asked to meet up with some folks from Jönköping County administrative board to tell a little on Hästholmen, as they were visiting on their annual staff day. This gave me a good […]
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HBO Vikings
2015-11-04 04:40:00
There’s a new TV-show from HBO waiting to hit the shores of Normandy, Scotland, England, Ireland Russia, Spain, America etc etc… Beware the Vikings are at it again! HBO presents Vikings! I guess this won’t really have to much with archaeology or historic correctness but who cares this is just for fun ? and I […]
Ancient times along the Swedish east coast ? An archaeological seminar in B
2015-11-04 04:40:00
As I check my back-log I see that I need to blog more about archaeology, but it seems that time just haven?t been there. During the coming weekend there will be time for archaeology though as it is time for the 5th annual archaeological seminar in Blankaholm ? much thanks to Michael Dahlin. The schedule […]
Osteo-doctoral day for Ylva Telldahl
2015-11-04 04:40:00
Ylva Telldahl will do her doctoral defence for her thesis on December 19 at Stockholm University föreläsningssalen, Botaniska institutionen, Lilla Frescativägen 5 at 13:00. Her thesis is called: Working animals and skeletal lesions. Paleopathology of cattle and horse in Iron Age and medieval Öland, Sweden . Ylva has concentrated on the relationship between animal husbandry practices […]
Don?t give up your day job?
2015-11-04 04:35:00
Well, I wont! I’ve just hit the archaeological jackpot! I don’t mean I found a lost civilization, the holy graal or something on that magnitude but I’ve gotten a permanent employment (tillsvidareanställning), i.e. hired for a position without a pre-determined time limit as an archaeologist at the the administrative county board of Östergötland. Though on occasion these employments might […]
Day of archaeology 2013
2015-11-04 04:35:00
It’s that time of the year again – DAY OF ARCHAEOLOGY 2013 – and I’ve written a small piece; your welcome to read that or any other of the several hundreds, hopefully thousands, of posts beeing published on archaeology today. Check out my post here. Check out Day of archaeology 2013 here. Magnus Reuterdahl
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On Tuesday I make my Almedalen debut
2015-11-04 04:35:00
Every year politicians Week held in Almedalen on Gotland. This year I will be participating in a debate on volunteers in museums. Read more about it here (in English) or on Riksutställningar website (in Swedish). Magnus Reuterdahl  
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2015-11-04 04:35:00
A few days ago the Swedish national Heritage Board and the Swedish Forest Agency released a new report concerning damages on ancient monuments and cultural heritage environments due to forestry actions. This report, as do previous reports, shows that more than 40 % of the known monuments and environments are being affected or damaged in […]
Need Swedish museums more volunteers?
2015-11-04 04:35:00
The annual political event Almedalen , on the island Gotland in Sweden, is just around the corner. During the first week of July politicians and lobby-organisations meet on common ground to discuss current events – and this year I’m in :) Cultural Heritage is of course part if that and so are questions regarding museums, archives […]
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Walk this way
2015-11-04 04:25:00
Nowadays most of my job is being done from behind a desk while using a computer, but now and then I get to go out on a hike in the cultural landscape whislt working. Today I was out inspecting a find of a  so called  fossil road (hålväg in Swedish term). This road ha sprobably […]
Ombud på DIK:s kongress
2012-05-29 17:49:00
This post is written in Swedish, it’s states that I am elected as a delegate to DIK’s (Swedish Union for archaeologists) Congress on 24-25 November. Fick ett mail med följande rubrik idag: Grattis du är vald till ombud på DIK:s kongress den 24-25 november. Stort tack till er som röstade på mig! Totalt var 160 ...
Rock-art-lollapalooza part 2: the Fossum site
2012-05-23 17:47:00
Next stop on my Rock art lollapalooza in the UNESCO world Herritage site Tanum is Fossum. The rock art in Tanum is dated to the Bronze Age, ca 1500-1000 BC. Among the pictures are hunting scenes, people holding axes, people playing horns and of course lots of ships, animals, foot soles and cup marks etc. ...
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Mesolithic Motala on film
2012-05-22 14:36:00
At the city Motala on the eastern shore line of lake Vettern a big excavation that in part is still on- going that concerns the mesolithics. The excavations are being done by Riksantikvarieämbetet (the National Heritage Board) UV Öst (RAÄ UV Öst) (link in Swedish about the excavation) and by Stiftelsen Kulturmiljö (link in Swedish ...
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Rock-art-lollapalooza part 1
2012-05-12 11:54:00
 My fiancée, who also is an archaeologist, is currently participating in an archaeological dig at the Swedish west coast, at Tanum. Tanum is internationally known for its rock art sites, the Tanum UNESCO World Heritage site includes a multitude of rock carvings dated to the Bronze Age ca 1700-500 BC. In the area there are ...
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Uppdrag: Få in fler arkeologer på DIKs kongress
2012-04-21 13:56:00
This post is written in Swedish regarding the up comming election to DIK (Swedish Union for arcaheologist etc). Nu är röstningen på kongressombuden igång till DIKs kongress, så är du medlem i DIK är det dags att göra din röst hög, personligen propagerar jag för att försöka få in så många arkeologer som möjligt. Läs ...
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Platsr ? web toy or web tool?
2012-04-13 14:37:00
Heard om platsr (in Swedish playing with the word plats=place and r, or rather the rune R =used to mark ancient monuments on Sweish maps), its a webpage or rather a web toy or web tool that I think this a pretty cool. The idea is that institutions, such as museums or archives, companies or the ...
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Långban smelting and mining areas
2012-04-07 11:44:00
I’m spending Easter in Långban, Värmland where my fiancées sister with family owns a croft that they use as a summer residence etc. Långban is perhaps most famous for its smelting and mining areas where Iron has been mined since the 16th century. Around the mines the yeomenminers formed a small community, Långban. During the ...
Swedish ancient monuments on youtube
2012-03-21 15:42:00
Since a few months back I work at the Östergötland County Administrative Board as an archaeologist. A project that has been ongoing for some while, that I haven’t worked on, is a video-project displaying some of the ancient monuments in Östergötland County. Information on the films are presented here. The first of at least four films was ...
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Middle Ages seminar at Östergötland County Museum
2012-03-08 07:05:00
Today I’ll attend a seminar on current research and projects concerning the Middle ages in Sweden åt Östergötland County museum, Linköping , Sweden. The seminars are being held by contract-archaeologist as well as resrearchers. Among the seminars are: Vreta Cloister – the franciscan forest convent by Marie Ohlsen, Östergötland museum. Devestation or restructring – the Linköping ...
A historic ?spy? report on Sweden
2012-03-02 09:04:00
I currently read Lorenzo Magalottis book Sverige under år 1674 (Sweden during the year 1674 aka Relazione del rigno di Svezia nel 1674) published by Carl Magnus Stenbock 1912. During the later part of he 19th century Elof Tegner found a handwritten report in Italian archives regarding Svecana. It was this one and one written ...
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Blankaholm 2012 -Swedish east coast archaeological seminar
2012-02-24 17:09:00
Tomorrow it that time of the year, again, when all eyes turns to the East Coast and the metropolis Blankaholm (you can find in google maps or such). Don?t know of it? Well, not many do, but since some years back an annual seminar on archaeology is held there ? lots of fun and interesting ...
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Guidelines of ethics & archaeology
2012-02-24 10:42:00
Currently I?m in group assembled by the union DIK (the union for archaeologist, librarians, archivists etc.) discussing ethical guidelines for Archaeology inSweden . We?re only just started so we?re trying to get feel for the subject and finding the framework, through our own experience and through works by other organizations such as AAA, EAA and the Swedish ...
Do you love H.P. Lovecraft?
2012-02-22 21:19:00
Me, I’m a big Lovecraft buff and oddly enough it seems a lot of other archaeologists/anthropologists is as well. In Stockholm as in many cities there are free newspapers around, as Metro etc. Since I got my smart phone a few years back this is not a media I turn to too often, though I ...
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Etruskerna 3D en usel utställning ? Etruria 3D a bad exhibit
2012-02-18 21:25:00
Detta inlägg följer på Svenska Today I visited the exhibit Etruria 3D at the Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm. I’m sorry to say this exhibit was shit. The 3D part worked on the stills but was a total waste on TV-screens. The other big, BIG, negative is that you need to ...
A museum in need
2012-02-14 20:14:00
I just got word that the museum in Elblag Poland has been flooded when water pipes bursted. Lots of thier litterture had been destroyed or lost and it seems that they are in need to replace this. If I understand correctly it foremost concerns litterature on the Viking age and especially regarding the early medieval Vikings’ emporium ...
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Van Halen vs an immaterial cultural heritage
2012-02-07 20:40:00
I sat listening to Van Halen the other day ? going through my old albums, on vinyl ? anyone remember those big old round things? When I got to the 1984 album and the hit Jump ? something hit me. This song got me thinking on a Swedish word Ättestupa. While David Lee Roth sees ...
Nytt uppdrag: Etik & arkeologi ? A new mission: Ethics & Archaeology
2012-01-25 19:02:00
This post is available in English further down. Som jag nämnt i tidigare inlägg byter jag arbetsgivare från och med den 1 februari, från Länsstyrelsen i Västernorrland till Länsstyrelsen i Östergötland. Det är dock mer på gång för mig inom det arkeologiska ? jag kommer ingå in en arbetsgrupp inom DIK med uppgift att ta ...
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Östergötland here I come
2012-01-22 11:31:00
Just one week left in Västernorrland County ? then it’s all preparations for my new job at the administrative board in Östergötland County. The job is more or less the same as I’ve been doing up north ie handling different kind of ie processing various types of cases such as different kind of consultations, dealing ...
Flash-back of the Gudrun days
2012-01-12 17:02:00
2011 ended with a bang ? a storm named Dagmar hit Sweden with force, together with the storm Cato. Between 2005-2007 I worked with the effects on ancient monuments and remains after two other storms; Gudrun (2005) & Per(2006). Gudrun herself was responsible for damages on at least 75 million cubic meters of forest. In Kronoberg county ...
Happy new year!
2011-12-31 12:26:00
2011 is closing in and 2012 is waiting to shine. Though the new year hasn’t started yet it has kind of pre-started for me – In February I start a new employment. This time I turn south again, a bit like a jo-jo, to Linköping where I will work at the county administrative board in ...
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