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The World Tour

The World Tour
Vi seglar runt jorden tills vi tröttnar på det! Vi har beslutat oss för att lämna det trygga livet på land och söka nya utmaningar och insikter på havet och på alla de platser i världen vi besöker.
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2012-06-01 15:31:00
Had the great pleasure to visit the exhibition of French artist Valérie Belin and her new series YOHOHO at Michael Hoppens gallery the other day.
Mer om: London
2012-05-31 20:42:00
Rapidly catching up on all those things that I love that are not to be found on our boat in the tropics: live music, art exhibitions, girls dinners and late night drinks.. Egoistically speaking, I can't even begin to tell you how good this journey has been to me thus far. It has given me great perspective and made me appreciate what I have with Alex even more, while I at the same time get to fuel my soul with the type of energy that I've missed so much at times. The expression on peoples faces when I tell them I've been living on a boat with my partner for almost two years says a lot, it is an extreme thing we've chosen to do. Particularly when I have lived such a non-sailing/boating life before I met my man. I am naturally very excited to get back to him and the boat very shortly, but am intensively enjoying my time here in civilization for as long as it lasts.
Mer om: London
2012-05-30 18:37:00
Just another beautiful sunny day in London... could def imagine myself living here one day. Well, only during summer time of course.  
2012-05-29 16:29:00
From one apartment in one city to another. From the arty Kreuzberg in Berlin to the sophisticated South Kensington, London. I am truthfully blessed to have so many wonderful friends from many different cultures and backgrounds in every corner of the world who let me crash at their place when I'm traveling in a suitcase. As a routine, I always offer myself being the cook during my stay, as a simple gesture of gratitude for the fact that they leave me to temporarily swirl into their busy lives. Cath lives a short walk from some mind-blowingly colorful markets where I've spent a few hours hunting fresh produce. I am thrilled by the offerings and the endless variation there is to be found in a big city like this. Having stayed on a small West Indian island for a little more than a year makes you extra receptive and sensitive to all new impressions and the wide variety that I've suddenly found myself surrounded with. And to be able to cook in a kitchen four times larger than the one w...
more berlin
2012-05-29 11:58:00
When my Swedish friends left home to Sweden, I was supposed to do the same, fly to Sweden for a continued journey to see more of my friends and family in Scandinavia. Typically, the only new person I got to meet for the next few days was the doctor.. it was probably my careless use of contact lenses that had caused cornea infiltrate and as that being a very uncomfortable and painful story to have to go through, my doctor advised me to stay inside of a dark room with fresh ventilation, but with no sunlight for the following few days. Being stuck in between four walls when the weather was as amazing as it was, eating antibiotics and putting drops to my eye every 60 minutes was not exactly how I had hoped for my Europe trip to be like. But I took the time to heal the way I was told and I used all those hours for inner reflections and enjoyed hours and hours of inspiring conversations with a few friends of mine at their house where I had the pleasure to stay for a week. And when the inf...
Mer om: Berlin
summer in berlin
2012-05-22 17:19:00
Feels like I've been on a teenage summer camp, exhausted to death from all different activities we've been busy here with this past week. Although I love spending time with my friends, I'm missing Alex and the boat a lot. Not too long before it's time to fly back home across the Atlantic ocean.
Mer om: Berlin
2012-05-16 14:44:00
Have moved over to Berlin for a few days where I'm meeting up a bunch of my old, beloved friends and we will take advantage of every beautiful sunshine hour we can this glorious spring. Since this is one of my absolute favorite cities in the world, I'll like to show you some of my photos from here in a while. 
Afternoon tea
2012-05-14 15:11:00
Where else is an afternoon tea with all what it involves better enjoyed than in England? This one at Durrant's hotel, the best new London find of this week. This discreet, elegant hotel have delivered on every imaginable aspect with their sublime, old fashion service and attention to the slightest little details. Family run businesses certainly has an unique appeal. It feels kind of awkward to be without Alex for this long btw, we have literally been breathing the same air for more than two years now and to be without it feels utterly strange... but also it's good in a way I guess. Always important to get yourself an objective view of a life and situation. Longing to get back to him and the sun though, London is great, but still freezing cold.
In London
2012-05-10 15:44:00
It's pretty rainy here too but who could be surprised. Love being back though, meeting friends, having a few meetings with sponsors and others and just enjoying a quiet city life. So much is so different in life nowadays and two years on a boat has definitely changed my worldview and the way I feel about life, places and things in general. A couple of immediate things that struck me during my first 24 hours in London are: How easy life can be when living on land, everything is available at any time. And: How stressful life appears when sharing space with thousands, millions of others, and when your schedule seem to get booked up as soon as you land on the ground. I will always have a side of me that love what only a big city can bring, but every time I'm off the boat I seem to miss that quiet little oasis of ours that we've created, Alex and me, during our first two years on the seas. 
if you can, why not?
2012-05-09 22:31:00
A sixty feet pleasure boat on top of the massive yacht for the days when the owner seeks peace and tranquility powered by wind rather than enormous engines.
lunch in the rain
2012-05-07 19:17:00
Making our best of the few remaining days we have together on the boat before she gets hauled out and I will leave for Europe. A fresh, Asian chicken stew is one of Alex's favorites so that's what I'm making for lunch today. Glad also that we've changed anchorage so the view is a bit more exciting than what we're used to back in Falmouth Harbour. If only the rain could stop pouring so we could enjoy the lunch outdoors under our new awning but I guess that's too much to ask for. Besides, this weather helps me to mentally prepare for my arrival to London on Wednesday. Or you guys have got summer over there as yet?
plans for following few weeks
2012-05-07 17:00:00
Not that we didn't know about most of them, but Duende has proved to have much more urgent needs of repair than what we had originally planned for. After been sailing with her through pretty stormy weather the other day, we experienced the hull to flex way too much for us to feel safe on a longer passage.This is what needs to be done before any overnight sail or longer crossings:- Replace a few bulkheads and re-tab the rest.- Replace the rigging wires.- Seal all leaks on deck.- Replace some of the beams.- Build some knees at the hull deck junction.- Build stringers at the bow and the stern.- Replace rudder fittings and rudder stuffing box (the boat is currently taking in about 20 gallon of water/hour through the rudder post while sailing...)..... and more.We both are extremely tired of being in this same place for this long and can't wait to get moving out of here, the only reason why we will stay additional days with the boat on this island is because, as I earlier mentioned, Ale...
slowly getting back to normal
2012-05-06 16:08:00
Jesus, had no idea it was so hard to get back on the blog-track. Have been as far from computer as I've possibly could in the past ten days and it made me realize how different life is when not sharing it with 120.000 people, so it has been pretty hard to convince myself to get back to it.  So where were we... classic regatta, brazil plans, change of plans, hangover.... give me another couple of hours and I'll see what I can come up with.
2012-05-03 17:25:00
So as my new laptop finally is with me, you can expect to have me back working on the blog again very shortly... so much to share and tell you. But first I need to cure my hangover.. over and out.
beautiful film project
2012-05-01 21:33:00
"Filmed in the Grenadines, Vanishing Sail tells the story of trading by sail in the West Indies, and follows a community of boat builders in Carriacou who struggle to maintain their tenuous grip on a dying skill. Through a collection of dramatic sailing scenes, rare archival footage and unprecedented interviews with the last old, Caribbean Sea Captains, Vanishing Sail seeks to preserve the legacy of boatbuilding in the Grenadines, first introduced by Scottish settlers in the 19th century. Crafted on the beach, with skills passed down the generations, these schooners and sloops worked the trade winds, fishing and carrying cargo - including contraband from St. Barthelemy where the smuggling trade in alcohol and cigarettes thrived until the 1970's." Support Antigua resident, yacht photographer and videographer Alexis Andrews to collect the funds needed to fulfill the production of this gorgeous movie. Preview above. You can check out Alexis kickstarter project here.
change of wind
2012-05-01 14:11:00
Still having a "vacation".. back with you soon. Seems like some sailing plans may have changed a little, will tell more about them shortly. 
break from work
2012-04-28 14:37:00
I'm seeing this involuntary work/computer break as some sort of vacation and occuping mysef with other much needed activites. Organizing clothes and equipment onboard, throwing out things we don't make use of anymore, baking bread and cakes and together with Alex; planning for the next few months that are to come. Exciting times ahead for sure. Almost feels like when we were about to cast off from Barcelona in October 2010, thrilled as we were on our way to something new, sailing towards new horizons. Still some work on the boat to do before we're ready to leave, hoping to be done in the next 10-14 days or so. And yeah, my new macbook pro should arrive in the beggining of next week so I can get back and do some much important work before we leave this island, too.
laptop issues
2012-04-26 16:40:00
Having some grave issues with my laptop again, not what one would expect after a repair and new installations worth a total of $692 USD ... extremely frustrating to waste money on a useless service like that. I'll be back with some new shots from the classics and other things once I solved this computer thing. Alex was right, I should have bought a new macbook pro straight away.Anyways, thanks for your emails and comments regarding Brazil. Who knows how long we will be there or where we end up after we are done with what we are going there for, but we do appreciate any helpful tips that are to be found about the NE and E coasts of the country. Thanks for being so helpful.
Brazil on our mind
2012-04-25 16:09:00
So our plans have changed a bit since we last spoke about the routes and plans of this journey. Much have happened during this year and almost a half that we've spent in the Caribbean. We felt the need to change boat to something bigger and faster, we found a new boat, sold the old one and tried to acclimatize as well as possible to this new change that occassionaly brought some discomfort, stress and unbalance at its parts but except for that, we have survived well thus far. When we planned for this circumnavigation in the comfort of our, at that time, home and boat - onboard our ex-boat Caos, our main goal was to get out into the South Pacific. We thought that to get away, as far as humanly possible from our everyday life would make us happier and the image we've always had of cruising in the serene, picture perfect waters of the South Pacific called our name more than anything else in the world. After this year and a half in the Caribbean, we've kind of have changed our mind. ...
Antigua Classic Regatta 2012
2012-04-24 17:38:00
We arrived a bit too late for this years Classic Regatta in Antigua, late being the story of our lives so I'm really not surprised but it would have been fun to participate in the race with one of the boats we were invited to but I'm sure there will come more opportunities in the future. Either way, despite me being sick with fever, a super annoying flu and head full of paracetamol and antibiotics, we managed to get out with our boat on the last day's of races to snap some shots. As I finally have installed photoshop, lightroom and all that on my newly restored laptop I should be able to show you some more nice pics from the race in a while.
2012-04-23 15:34:00
Back in Antigua despite fever, flu, eye infections, heavy squalls, lost of data in the laptop (yes I have backup on all the most important) and currently no photoshop installed so sorry for shitty images! Anyways, pretty happy nonetheless and knowing that we're in Antigua for the last part of boat work and should be out of here in no time, that gives us good energy to keep it all up. St Barts was nice as always, finally got to meet with Rahel and Marco on Habibi sails whom we've been in touch with for the past one and a half year. Hoping to see you two here in Antigua before we sail down South.What to do in Antigua in the next ten days: - Haul the boat out- Paint new anti fouling- Install some systems- Fix the rudder post leak - Check all seacocks and through hulls- Finish some other work- Maybe watch the races a day or two- Try to stay away from the Sailing Week Partiesand then.....let's go BRAZIL
reunion with one favorite island
2012-04-21 01:39:00
I know this place, been here many times before. St Barts makes for such a convenient (cocktail) stop on the way between St Martin and Antigua. This is as close to our beloved French riviera as you can come in the Caribbean. Thankful for every moment we spend on this island.
laundry day
2012-04-19 19:35:00
Not doing much laundry at home usually as A.) we have no washing machine B.) we figured it will be more or less the same cost to leave the laundry to a laundry place where you get your clothes washed, dried and folded, compared to wasting that amount of water and energy onboard, particularly when we have no functioning water maker at the moment and must purchase the water that we use. But today while my laptop was on diagnostics and got a new hard drive and new programs/updates installed I felt a bit creative and bored after also being in bed for too long so I ended up making equivalent to one full machine of laundry by hand. And I must admit, not much feels better than having the whole boat smelling of lavender detergent and knowing that all those clean garments were cleaned by yourself. I'm not sure I will do it again anytime soon but today that fulfilled task feels very rewarding.
2012-04-18 17:01:00
Very hot in St Martin today. Summer is here for real. Too bad I got a very bad eye infection and must be in bed much of the time as I barely can see.. booo. Luckily I got some good music, an ok wifi connection, some Swedish salmiak on hand and a fresh breeze coming in from the bedroom hatch. Life could be worse I suppose. 
delirious perfection
2012-04-18 01:03:00
Having a huge crush on Nina Kraviz's soulful ghetto house at the moment. This is real music to me: Deep, sensual, substantial, suggestive with a slight tone of acid softly swirled into the soulful rhythm. It's the type of music that takes me places, makes me appreciate things - my life, my past, my future. It opens my eyes and gives me energy. Will be interesting to see how far this beautiful russian producer will go. 
jazz on pelican beach
2012-04-17 17:10:00
Always having such a great time with our dear Canadian friend Reg Bates. You might remember that Reg owns Weather Eye Yachts, the best yacht broker you can find in the Caribbean. He's been a tremendous help in regards of selling our old boat and buying of our new one, so lucky to have found him. Buying and selling a vessel can often be a very personal, emotional affair and not everyone are as lucky as we've been, to find the right middle man. Bonus of course when your broker also proves to be a crazy, funny and warm person and we've had so much fun with this man ever since we met the first time. Thanks again dear for an amazing day in the sun!My bikini is from Agua de Coco and Beach Fashion Shop. Earrings from We Dream In Colour.
Mer om: Bikini
in st martin
2012-04-16 23:34:00
Just hanging out in St Martin/Sint Maarten, fixing with boat registration and insurances, eating good food, enjoying time with friends and chilling out. Shall soon sail off towards Antigua and the classic regatta that is starting later this week.
randoms from the sea
2012-04-15 16:57:00
Just a few snapshots from these past few days with Alex's lovely little sister Julie - from Guadeloupe to Antigua to St Barts and St Martin... 
last night at Carre d'Or
2012-04-15 03:12:00
We were lucky to get a perfect slip in between gorgeous super yachts and right outside our favorite place: Petro's sophisticated Le 88, a Greek lounge/restaurant which is squeezed in between the Cartier, Hermés and Cavalli boutiques on the main road of St Barts. A vodka pamplemousse never tastes better than after a 12,5 hour long sail in the sun. A few of those please and you're back on track.
in light winds
2012-04-14 17:49:00
It went pretty well to begin with, had good wind for the first seven hours, then it died out and a large swell from the Atlantic messed up the little wind there was. Engine on for the last five hours but it was fun as long as it lasted. Arrived in St Barts just after sunset.
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