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Make Money With Your Opinon Online
2011-12-05 16:11:00
You can make a little extra cash from home by joining my panel "Make Money Online" on Cint. They pay you for answering different surveys, and they pay via PayPal. I've used them for well over a year now, and I make a few $ on it. Not bad up till Christmas, eh? ;)Try it, and see if you like it. You can leave the panel again, if you feel it's not for you, at any time. it's not binding.You can join me HERE*Please note that they don't accept all countries
Making Money With Affiliate Marketing
2010-10-27 01:27:00
If you don't feel like you make enough money from Adsense, you could try out Affiliate Marketing.Affiliate Marketing is a way to offer your readers a relevant product, they can buy. If a reader buys a product, you will earn comission. It is really very simple, but it can be hard to actually sell something from your site. To make a sell, it is important that you find products in the niche of your website. Eg if you write about fashion, you should find ads to show for clothing, accessories and so on.If you find this interesting, you can check out 2 of the more famous affiliate marketing sites here;ClickBankCommision Junkie
PPC Programs For Adult Websites
2010-10-27 01:27:00
When owning and running an adult website, you are automatically banned from using Google Adsense on them. I have collected a couple of the best sites for you to use on an adult related site. I have tested both of them, and they are not scams. They pay, although not as much as Google Adsense would ever do!Please let me know, if you have good experiences with other networks, that I should add to this list.AdultFriendFinderBlackLabelAds (partner site of AdBrite)
Vikiworks Infinity Template for Blogger
2010-03-01 00:57:00
Fantastic template by Vikiworks. I love the whole design and the way it is easy to modify. I modified this slightly, and you can download my version here (See above picture)
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Free Funny RSS/Feedburner Icons
2010-03-01 00:57:00
I found these really cool and adorable "Feed Me" RSS Icons on Smashing Magazine, and they are 100% free to use and download. You can download them directly her: Download (both Mac and PC)Use them and customize your RSS feed!
Get Microsoft Office 2010 (Beta) for Free!
2010-02-01 04:12:00
You can now help Microsoft with their new Office 2010, by testing their new Beta version! This beta is for free (1. time Microsoft gives stuff away for free!!), so go download it, and check out the new design.Microsoft Office 2010 (Beta)
How to Add Retweet and Facebook Buttons to your Blog
2010-01-31 21:27:00
When re-designing my blog, I stumbled across a great tutorial on how to add Facebook and Twitter buttons to your blog, by Blogger Plugins. The articles explains very well, how you can easily install buttons, so I thought I would share it with you. I hope you get as much out of it as I did!How to add Retweet Button on BloggerFacebook Share Count Buttons for Blogger
Download Windows 7 Beta
2009-05-08 13:26:00
Microsoft released a beta version of Windows 7 for us all to try out! You can download it hereRemember to back up all your files and settings before you install!
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Use Google Trends to Attract Readers to Your Site
2009-01-17 17:18:00
Google Trends is a GREAT way for you to follow the latest trends online, and use it to attract readers to your blog.Google Trends is a tool that allows you to check out what people are searching for on the Google Search Engine. It even gives you the top 50-100 most searched for words/phrases online.This allows you to be up front on your articles! You will now know what's popular here and now, and you can blog about it to attract readers. Write a good article, submit it to Digg, Reddit, Propeller etc. and if you have the right topic, you can attract thousands of readers to your site. Might be good for your AdSense account as well!Good luck.
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Alternatives When Banned From Google Adsense
2008-12-31 12:51:00
Did you get banned from Google Adsense or did they remove their ads from one of your sites? Well, they did the same thing to me! Reason being I had adult content on my page (Bull****), and we all know there is absolutely no point in discussing anything with Google. You?ll never win! Sadly Adsense is the best PPC program out there at the moment, so it?s a real bummer to lose money on that account. When I got the message from Google Adsense, I was REALLY angry, but since there was no point in complaining, I tried tracking down other alternatives, and I?m going to share my earnings and general e experience with these companies, to see which one is the best option. I will use these PPC programs for 7 days, and return with a full summary! I will test out these 3 programs: BlackLabel Ads (suitable for adult related sites) Adbrite Bidvertiser You can return in about 8 days for a report and maybe even a recommendation for one of the companies! Happy New Year, and take good care o...
Controversial SECRET To Online SUCCESS - 90% Of Readers WILL NOT Do It!
2008-10-03 15:36:00
I found this great and inspiring article on DP Forums, and I think you should all read it in detail if you want to build a successful online business. I learned a lot from it, and hopefully more people will!FULL ARTICLE HERE: Mia©2007 Maurice Evans. All rights reserved. You may reproduce this article only so long as this full copyright and author information is included. Maurice Evans is an author, dynamic speaker and Guerrilla Marketing-Style Business Coach for Since 1992 he has assisted entrepreneurs in boosting profits while spending little or no money. For coaching sessions or speaking engagements call Toll Free: 1-800-691-2WIN
7 FAQ (and Answers) on Basic Blogging
2008-09-30 03:31:00
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10 Beautiful Blogger Templates For You
2008-09-02 16:06:00
I've been around the internet, looking for nice Blogspot templates, and I found a few ones I really like, so I decided to share them all with you.I hope you like them. Just click the links to download and read more about the various templates!Mia1. LangitFeatures:* 3-coloumn template* Adsense optimized* Built in Search and RSS* Cool "Recent Articles" feature at the top2. GossipCityFeatures:* 3-coloumn template* Ideal for gossip and celebrity blogs* Built in Search and navigation bar3. AspireFeatures:* 3-coloumn template* unique and rustic look* Calender function* Built in Search function4. Dreamwork ReduxFeatures :* Built in "Recent Posts" widget* Built in RSS and Search* Built in "Recent Comments" widgetLive demo here5. Art ImaginationFeatures:* 3-coloumn template* Beautiful yet simple design* Easy to costumize6. "Communist" TemplateFeatures:* 2-coloumn red template* Beautiful design* Built in RSS7. PassionDuo BlueFeatures:* 3-coloumn template* Built in search box* Built in RSS* E...
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Search For Your Templates
2008-08-04 19:03:00
A template search machine has now been made! Makes it a lot easier to find new templates for your Blogger blog. Try it out!For now, it is still BETA, but more and more templates will be added
Contact Me
2008-07-23 10:45:00
Your Name : Your Email : Subject : Message : Image (case-sensitive):
How to Add a Contact Form to Your Blog
2008-07-22 11:21:00
There is a varity of free contact forms for blogs and websites out there, and the easy thing is to just Google the word "contact form".I picked out the best (in my opinion) free contact form service online for you!Kontactr:Kontactr contact forms are very easy to create. Anyone can do it! They also provide you (in addition to the form itself) a fancy little "contact me" button that does not show your email, simply to prevent spamming your email account. In addition to that, the contact form has an image verification system.To add the form to your site, they offer you two types of widgets : HTML widget and AJAXified widget, whatever suites your site the best. The contact form is very simple and clean cut:
Template : Freedom Wall
2008-06-18 11:07:00
Freedom Wall is a lovely template made by GosuBloggerIt's a 2 coloum Blogger template, a converted Wordpress template.You can download it HERE
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How to add an extra page to your Blogger blog
2008-04-17 19:01:00
The thing with Blogger that annoyed me the most, was the fact that you couldn't add an extra page. So I read through a bunch of tutotials and was happy to discover that it is actually possible via making posts as pages. So I'm gonna go through it with you.1. First up: open a new post and call it "Affiliates" for instance (you can call it anything that you want to link to, but I'm going to call it Affiliates as an example)2. In the post, look above the "Submit Post" button and find this:3. Locate the date and time, and simply change the date to your first post!4. Save and you will now have called your first post "Affiliates".5. All you have to do now is go through your posts and find the post called "Affiliates". Push the "show post" button, and save the link to whereever you want to add it. Eg. a navigation bar on your blog.I hope this was helpful to you. Any questions, feel free to ask!Mia
Contact Me
2008-03-25 15:25:00
<a href="" title="Contact">Fill out my Wufoo form!</a>Powered by Wufoo
2008-03-25 15:25:00
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About Blogger-Whore
2008-03-25 15:25:00
Blogger-Whore was made to provide you with my personal experience and honest opinion on/about the web. I will provide you with content related to blogging and money-making online. Should there be any topic you would like to see here, you are more than welcome to make a request.Mia, webmaster.All content is copyrighted under law, and should not be copied. Content for personal use only.
Request to my Dear Readers!
2008-03-19 18:26:00
I am opening for affiliate links, and I would like to exchange links with similar blogs. Please leave a comment or contact me via mail if you are interested!Exchanging links with other blogs will increase your pagerank and Alexa rank. Furthermore it helps your Google rank and search engine rank on Google as well.
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Fresh Blogger Template - Blue Sea!
2008-03-17 18:52:00
I made this to celebrate that summer is coming (hopefully very soon!). I used a very lovely beach as a header and an ocean-like background. Of course you can modify it if you prefer something else.DOWNLOAD
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Free Blogger template - Spring
2008-03-08 16:15:00
New template for you. It is called spring, and works really well! Nice colors and layout. Enjoy!DOWNLOAD
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Free Blogger Template - Black N Blue
2008-02-24 21:18:00
Once again a modified version from K2Modify. I hope you like it.Download
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Free Blogger Template - Big City Girl
2008-02-24 18:16:00
I made this template by modifying an original template from K2Modify, and I hope you like it!Please leave the credits in the template, since it takes a lot of time to make a template like this. Enjoy, and feel free to leave a comment.Download
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Widgets For Your Blog
2008-02-22 17:36:00
You can easily optimize your blog using widgets. I've found a few good places to get them!WidgipediaWidgetboxMashableBlogger Templates (they have a nice widget section as well)MadtomatoeSpringwidgets
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Free Web 2.0 Web-Badges For You
2008-02-19 00:57:00
I made some badges for your website og blog in Photoshop. Feel free to use them, but please credit me with a link (would be nice!) They can be modified in Photoshop if you want to add some text, or change the colours. Enjoy!DOWNLOAD
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Experimenting With CrispAds
2008-02-11 22:24:00
I've decided to test out more ad programs on my different blogs. I started with AdBrite, and I'm going to report back my results after a month approx. Today I signed up with CrispAds, to test out how much I can earn there and comparing it AdSense. I put a banner on my most populare blog CelebritySkank, and I hope it'll pay out! CrispAds is more or less like Google Adsense. You sign up (you have to be approved by CrispAds though), create your banner/skyscraper, paste in the generated code, and you are ready to go. The good thing with CrispAds is that they pay via Paypal. As always I will get back to you when I have some sort of result to show.Tomorrow I'll post about Pheedo, advertising for your RSS feed.
A Few Pointers on How to Write Unique and Quality Content
2008-02-10 12:46:00
Let's face it, quality traffic only comes from quality content! Maybe you are wondering how you actually write this unique content that people want to read, and that's why I've prepared a little post with a few pointers for you.When you've found your niche, it's always a good idea to research a bit on on your target group. What will interest them?, and what can you do to make them read your blog with interest?Start out by creating a fictitious reader profile, to be able to point yourself into what this person in the target group will read about. Use your friends as much as possible if they are in your target group. Ask them to review a few posts, and ask for their honest opinions. Chances are, that your friends have very different perspectives, that you might not have seen or even thought about. If you aren't the sociable type, you need to find readers in your target group, who are willing to help you out.Another great way to create a profile and/or research on your target gro...
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